Stamp ink and printing ink washing solution, for ultrasonic washing machines and automated jet washing machines


This washing solution is designed to eliminate ink from ceramic metal and chrome-plated printing rollers. It can clean different surfaces from UV, water-, alcohol-base, nitrocellulose, acrylic, alkyd, oil-based ink without damaging the surface.
Is used for manual and automated ultrasonic cleaning. This washing solution is an inhibitor for volatile substances used in printing.


Mixture of solvents, corrosion inhibitors, complexing agents, surfactants.

  • This solution is multipurpose, it can remove almost all kinds of ink and varnish and marker ink, or softens them
  • This solution is thixotropic (sticks to surface), similar to vegetable oil in consistency
  • Can be diluted in water in different proportions, which is also an economic and technical advantage (in each case an active cleaning solution concentration is determined by test)
  • It allows using advanced technologies, such as using the washing solution in ultrasonic washing machines and automated washers
  • Reduces labour cost for washing operations by 40-60%
  • Non-corrosive, as opposed to the number of alkaline and acidic washing solutions
  • Does not contain acids and alkalies
  • Does not contain chlorocarbon solvents
  • MONGOOSE RG-7 washing solution is efficient at low temperature and does not lose its qualities after defrosting
  • Exposure time is 1-15 minutes, counterparts offer 3-60 minutes
  • Pleasant odour
  • Is efficient for cleaning up pigments and printer powder
  • This washing solution is a transparent to beige liquid
  • Non-corrosive
  • Classified as hazard class 4
  • Easily removed with water
  • Flame-resistant liquid
  • Optimal operation temperature is 25-60°С
  • pH of 1% water solution is 10-11
  • Density under standard conditions: 0.9-1.0 g/cm3
  • Low-foam solution

Stir well before use!
No surface preparation needed before applying the washing solution. If there are contaminations on the surface, they well be effectively eliminated by the solution
- Apply with a rag, a brush, a roll or by pouring (soaking in a container). An even layer of washing solution is applied, then left on the surface until the treated coat softens and/or leaks off the surface, 1-15 minutes. If coated areas remain on the surface, they are exposed to second treatment. Softened coats are removed with a rag, a spatula, a scraper or with a high pressure treatment device. Never let the solution dry down on the treated surface!
- Use in automated jet washing machines and ultrasonic washing machines (UWMs). Fill the washing machine tank with MONGOOSE F-7 solution, 10% to 50% water solution. Set the active solution temperature at 50-60⁰С, set washing time (usually 10 to 30 minutes). Perform automated cleaning or ultrasonic cleaning. If the result is unsatisfactory, repeat washing, gradually increasing the washing solution concentration to 50%.
When the washing solution is used in ultrasonic machines, control the wavelength according to the roller line screen in order to ensure better cleaning efficiency. Usually, printing ink is removed with a 10% - 50% MONGOOSE F-7 solution.
After the treatment with any application method, depending on subsequent operations, rinse the surface with water or an industrial detergent.

  • For application, use protective clothing and respiratory system protection equipment, i.e. respirators, goggles for the eyes, protective gloves for the hands, such as Ultranitril 492 or Technic 401
  • Use aprons for clothing protection
  • Keep away from children
  • Do not smell
  • In case of eye contact, immediately wash the eyes under running water and contact a doctor for help
  • In case of skin contact, wash the area with water and soap

Store the washing solution in tightly closed container, at ambient temperature +5 - + 25°С, away from heat, direct sunlight and food. Keep away from children!

1 year from manufacture date.

Packaging: Boxes (9 bottles, 1 bottle is 1 kg). Canisters 10, 20 kg; drums 200 kg; 1000 kg IBCs.


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